Heart of Heaven Foundation Africa is a company limited by guarantee, registered in Uganda with company registration number No:80020002731245. its registered office is located in Makindye Salaama Road, Takajjunge Village Kampala Uganda.

The organization and was established basically to support the disadvantaged children, orphaned children, support the elderly who cannot afford basic needs, skill the youths through craft-making, farming and also music.  The organization also empowers single mothers who have been abandoned by their spouses, those chased by their parents due to family disgrace.

Millions of children in African and Uganda as a whole have no or little access to good shelter, education, clothing, food and health care. Due to this misfortune there is high mortality rate in Africa and children not being able to achieve their potential.

Most of the children have dropped out of school, the girls have preferred early marriage and the boys have also dropped out of school to support the family hustle. Due to this, their is high prevalence of crime, single mothers and street children.

Little has been done by most African leaders to combat the unfortunate situations that is causing poverty in the African continent that is why we are calling upon your support so that the next generation of African children can have a better and empowered life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower vulnerable children, orphans, single mothers, and grannies to reach their full potential, improve their livelihoods, and take advantage of economic opportunity through sharing, training, research, education and make our world an amazing place.


Education, Health and compassionate world.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.


To support orphans and the vulnerable children in Africa

Through your donations and also making crafts that we intend to sell, we shall be able to support the disadvantaged children in Uganda


Empowering single mothers and the elderly persons in our communities

The rate of single mothers and elderly are growing rapidly in Uganda yet most of them have no steady source of income to support them and their families. With your donation, we shall be in position to empower these people with income generating activities like farming and craft making.


Skilling the youths in African

One major cause of unemployment in Africa and Uganda is unskilled youths yet they are the majority. With your support we shall be able to skill and empower the youths with techincal, financial and management skills


To provide education for less privallaged and orphaned children

Education is always the pillar for any society therefore it is important that every child atleast acquires some basic education to enable them to manage in this competitive world. Through your support we are able to pay school fees for more than 100 children in Uganda

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