Volunteer At Heart of Heaven foundation Africa

Interested in volunteering in Uganda?
The Heart of Heaven dedicates as many resources as possible to vital program needs, and is extremely careful to minimize administrative costs. Therefore, we have developed a successful and extremely valuable volunteer program. Volunteers are most valuable while school is in session, however we can make arrangements outside the school session depending on the project/activity to you wish to accomplish.

General school calendar:
First term: February – April
Second term: May – August
Third term: September – December.

Please find a list of volunteer opportunities outlined below. Keep in mind that these are meant as guidelines. Please reach out if you have a particular skill or talent that does not fall within the parameters of the below opportunities. Please send us an inquiry early in your planning, as there are many logistics that need to be taken into consideration before moving forward with each experience, especially those not outline below.

English Teacher
Work with children in Nursery School through Primary Three, aged 5-10, on their English reading, writing and comprehension. May include classroom instruction, small group sessions and one-on-one tutoring.

Sports Coordinator
Coordinate and coach games and practices for primary students. Teach rules of the game, teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Financial Coach
Teach local farmers cooperatives financial skills such as bookkeeping and budgeting.

Agricultural Instructor
Teach small scale women farmers about agriculture, especially rearing chickens, preparing gardens, planting gardens, fertilizer application, and storage and market access skills.

Construction Instructor
Provide instruction and technical advice on constructing semi-permanent structures for families, such as kitchens, houses and pit-latrines. Involve locals in the construction and make sure they can do it on their own once you have left.
Computer Instructor
Teach basic computer skills (Search Engines, Microsoft Office) and servicing (small repairs and troubleshooting) to students, teachers, and Heart of Heaven executive staff.

Teach proper cataloging and classification of books. Help organize the library. Previous library experience is preferred.

Doctor, Dentist, Eye Specialist
Treat basic ailments of students, parents and surround community members. Medical volunteers are much needed.

Reading Counselor
Inquire, organize and conduct reading camps for primary students during their school break.

Photographer / Videographer
Volunteers are needed to document Heart of Heaven work through photos and videos of students, women farmers, and community partners.

Blogger / Writer
Volunteers are needed to document Heart of Heaven activities with blog posts, nonfiction stories, interviews, and photos. Once you have chosen a project for your trip, please express your interest to or and we will arrange your formal volunteer application. “If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than wishful thinking, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever.”

Child Mentors
We will allocate a particular child you can help to offer guidance, social, life skills, through correspondence. Donate or collect unwanted items – clothing, shoes, toys and beddings from your community and help to send them to our Care Corner.

Dine, So They Can
Volunteer to host a meal or do something like for your friends, on your desired date, entertain and educate your guests about the impact of AIDS and poverty upon the poor children in Uganda and the work of NGS, and ask them to pay for the meal or services to donate the proceeds to support the work of HOH in Uganda.

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